December 6th

6:00PM // 10 notes

This story is based on the true story of my grandfather, J. Forest. He used to be boxing all the time, and his favorite boxing move was the “one-two punch”, specifically reserved for “suckers.” Hence, he says, “Give ya the ‘ol one-two punch, suckers!”

That grandpa was punching people all the time in that ring, but one time he got hit in those family jewels by some mean boy outside of that ring. So he said, “Hey, I box you, bro.” On the day of the match, that grandpa hit dat man So hard that he ain’t never hit that grandpa again!

But grandpa knew boxin’ wasn’t no fun and games. His daddy took him on the street and said, hey, look at these boxers. And he showed him a sad old boxer who heard bells in his ears and just didn’t know wat was going on!

From that day forward, grandpa never gave no more one-two punches.