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Volume 1: The Tortoise Finds its Way depicts our hero’s journey out of his cave and his battles with the elements.

Volume 2: The Classic of the Heavenly Tortoises is the account of the history of the ancient tortoise race given by an old wise tortoise that our protagonist meets in a cave.

Volume 3: The Wild Crane Returns Home brings Small Tortoise back into the wide world with a renewed understanding of the tortoise race. Following the old wise tortoise’s advice to head for the Southeast,  he stumbles upon a lonely marsh, where he does indeed find a friend.

Volume 4: The Magic Tortoise of Compassion begins on a sad note. Small Tortoise is abandoned by his one and only mother, Mother Crane. Unfortunately, she has other little babies to look after that require more care and attention than our hero. But he ends up in good hands. Magic hands, no less.

Volume 5: The Tortoise Talisman

Tortoise Extras